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Seeking Sasquatch Campout

People have produced blurry photos and tall tales of a large, towering, hairy creature skulking through the forests for centuries. In this overnight camping experience, we will teach children AND adults how to have fun camping in Bigfoot’s back yard. Other topics will include cooking over an open fire, smores, an evening Bigfoot jeopardy game, star gazing, critter clues, and a short hike filled with tips and tricks on how to track the reigning hide-and-seek champion…Bigfoot! This program is limited to 40 spaces. Registration prior to the event is required. Open to all ages, but all participants must be potty trained. Children must have an accompanying parent or guardian.

  • Learn about tree ID, tracking, and of course, finding Camp Lee’s very own Bigfoot!
  • $50 per person (including children, additional children after first two are $40)


May 17 - 18 2024


All Day

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